No Tricks to Clean Eating and Healthy Cooking: Fuel for a Healthy Lifestyle

September 18, 2012

Chef Lam is a teacher; but that’s not what makes the experience with him special. What works so well is that he’s a guide, and a coach.

If you have an idea (or even a clue) of where you want to go, he’ll help you get there! The curriculum evolves directly from you; where you are now, and what you think you’d like to accomplish. Sure, there are recipes, techniques, and he’ll answer all of your questions with as much detail as you’d like – but that’s the least of it. The thing is: he loves what he does, and that, my friend, makes all the difference! His relationship with cooking is like an aura that brightens the kitchen, and inspires the apprentice to success. When you cook in his realm, you don’t just do it to the food, you work with the food… after all, it will become part of you; you are what you eat!

This is “no-tricks” cooking. It’s not about ooh and ahh, it’s about YUMMMM!

A recipe is just some data. Reading (or memorizing) a recipe is not learning how to cook. Chef Lam will enrich your experience moment-to-moment while you do the actual cooking – getting all five senses involved and tuned-in, as you execute the process. When you become aware of what’s really happening to the food as a result of each input, the recipe will be merely a memory-jogger, not a map or a formula. (Hmm, how about some more of this? Or, why not a bit of the other? In fact, maybe we could try…!) If you enjoy eating good food, this is the only way to cook!

And by the way, good food isn’t just taste. Personally, I have a (common) weakness of catering to my tastes, rather than to my health (sound familiar?). But I was delighted to find that high-quality food, prepared well, can produce delicious results in things that I don’t normally even like. What I mean is that while I’m making food that tastes great to me, I’m also making very healthful food! (And no, it’s not “healthy”, because it’s not even alive; things that are not alive are not-at-all “healthy”… in fact, they’re dead! But this food sure is healthful, especially compared to restaurant fare.)

Steve Tylicki
Oxford, MA

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