Corporations, universities, and team-structured groups often underestimate the importance of healthy dieting. The corporate and educational lifestyles are dependent upon operating efficiency and an informed and balanced diet is invaluable. Performance metrics such as efficiency, employee/student morale, and lost time can all be improved through the incorporation of a healthy lifestyle. However, the necessary information, organization, and motivation for this opportunity is often overlooked or non-existent.

The services of Glam Foods, LLC are advantageous to a corporation or educational institution because of the unique team-building strategies that Chef Lam incorporates throughout his lessons. He is committed to the unending benefits of a healthy diet, and believes that this cannot be attained through a quick-fix. The energy and enthusiasm he demonstrates is contagious, as the program is dependent upon client interaction and team-building exercise. This strategy not only enhances the experience for the user, but builds morale and support for the client. In essence, a partnership with Glam Foods, LLC will build a healthier community for its participants.

Teambuilding Programs

  • Sports Program: Presentation for athletes/teams about ways to fuel the body with healthy foods that provide energy and taste good.
  • Corporation/Executive Programs: Presentation to corporations about ways to increase efficiency both in life and the workplace.
  • Culinary Sessions:  Have a bonding experience like no other by stimulating team-building through a team cooking session.
  • Meal Planning Program: Improve any diet with this in depth program about a healthy diet for efficient work.

Harvard Club Sushi Class

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