Clean and Healthy Eating

An introduction to GLAM cooking techniques. Your body is a Ferrari and food is your fuel. What do you put in your tank?

The Glam Foods Approach

German Lam's approach to cooking my surprise you. Cooking isn't reading recipes out of book. It is intuitive, it is looking at your food and being able to decide what to do next.


Take a closer look at German Lam's unique approach to cooking.

Freestyle Cooking Challenge

Watch German Lam take on a 5 star dinner cooking challenge for 6 guests without knowing which ingredients he'll be using ahead of time. Discover how Freestyle Cooking can help you in the kitchen.

Need a lifestyle change? Start in the kitchen.

I want to share my passion for cooking with you.  I want to help you be proud of what you do in the kitchen. I am going to give you the tools you need to be successful in the kitchen. Together, we will change your lifestyle.